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Posted 4 months ago

ProCycling Women is a new initiative of NMG Productions, driven by our passion for showcasing the incredible world of professional women’s cycling. Since the first race in the Women’s WorldTour of 2024 in Australia with the Santos Tour Down Under, we’ve been devoted to delivering race information, tracking and updates of the peloton through our user-friendly app and website.

Our core mission is crystal clear: the promotion of professional women’s cycling.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast, a casual observer, or just starting to dip your toes into the world of cycling, ProCycling Women is your go-to source for all things related to women’s cycling.


Picture this: as the race unfolds, you can track the action in real-time of the peloton’s movements, monitoring breakaway riders, and receiving instant updates on intermediate and QOM results and of course instant results right after the finish. This way you don’t have to miss anything during the race, even when tv is not on yet!

For the past few months, these features have been exclusively reserved for our premium users. However, in response to the overwhelming curiosity and enthusiasm from our broader user base, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending our live tracking and updates to all users, regardless of their subscription status. Why the change? Because we’re immensely proud of the platform we’ve built, and we’re committed to sharing the thrill of women’s cycling with as many people as possible, completely free of charge.

Does that mean that the premium users have paid for a service that is now for free? No, not at all. Premium users still get loads of benefits, such as behind the scenes footage, discounts and special offers. Besides the Premium users are our core of our existence and we thank and salute them. Besides this, this is a limited time only, after the classics season, the tracking goes back to our Premium users.

We're immensely proud of the platform we've built, and committed to sharing it with as many people as possible



How can you support us?

  1. Upgrade to Premium: Consider taking your ProCycling Women experience to the next level by subscribing to our premium version. Not only will you unlock exclusive features and content, but your subscription also directly supports our efforts to provide comprehensive race coverage, post-race insights, and engaging content. From covering travel expenses to conducting post-race interviews, every subscription goes a long way in fueling our mission.
  1. Partnerships and Advertising: We’re actively seeking partnerships with organizations and advertisers who share our passion for women’s cycling. By aligning with us, you’ll not only gain exposure to our dedicated audience but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of women’s cycling as a whole.
  1. Supporting Donations: Soon, we’ll be launching a dedicated contributor page on our website, where individuals can make voluntary donations to support our cause. Whether it’s a small gesture or a more substantial contribution, every donation plays a crucial role in fueling our ongoing efforts to champion women’s cycling.

Enjoy the classics season, support us in our mission to promote professional women’s cycling!


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