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This is Cambridge

Protect the irreplaceable!

Maximum impact on rider performance, minimum impact on the world we love to ride. Riding our bikes connects us closely with nature. We are acutely aware and ‘tuned in’ to its beauty and the importance of protecting the irreplaceable. If we ride it, we have a duty to respect and protect it. In very much the same way that surfers connect with seas and oceans, we feel a deep connection to the land.

Empowerment to the people!

In today’s world performance on the bike is not just about winning a race — it’s about winning your own race. Bikes are amazing tools. They offer solutions for life’s challenges. They are coping mechanisms and motivators for change. ‘Going beyond’ on the bike builds confidence and self-esteem. Bikes empower people and contribute to happiness, positivity and to a life well lived.


Astoria Bubbels

Astoria Bubbels is the brainchild of Niels Goudriaan and Hans van Triest. Niels, having been immersed in the world of cycling for years, has a longstanding familiarity with the Astoria brand and the faces behind it. Astoria has gained renown for being the bubbly of choice popped open on the winner's podium.

Having supplied Astoria Prosecco with custom labels for several race organizations, the idea to expand commercially beyond the realm of sports took root. Thus, Astoria Bubbels was born.

With Hans van Triest, a seasoned figure in the hospitality industry and a close friend of Niels, onboard, the partnership promises to propel Astoria Bubbels to new heights.

Flanders Cobblestone paradise

Flanders Cobblestone Paradise offers 32 brand new apartments and a dormitory, promising a refined environment for relaxation. These stylish and modern accommodations feature fully equipped kitchens, spacious living rooms with large TVs, and cozy bedrooms with comfortable beds. The modern bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Free high-speed internet and floor heating/cooling ensure comfort, while amenities include a gym and an Italian restaurant. Special rates are available for UCI-licensed teams and riders for training and racing purposes, with tailored arrangements upon inquiry. It's a home away from home, offering both comfort and convenience for extended stays.

Profysic Sportpodotherapie

ProFysic SportPodoTherapy, formerly known as Podiatry Janssen, was founded by Ingrid Janssen in 1995 with a focus on active and sports individuals. Their approach emphasizes developing sport-specific studies and soles to aid athletes. Their mission centers on supporting clients in achieving their sports goals, prioritizing treatment that aligns with their aspirations rather than simply stopping exercise.

They offer assistance in repairing injuries, preventing them, and optimizing biomechanics. Their vision revolves around individuality, rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach, and promoting teamwork, honesty, innovation, and goal orientation in treatment.

Helmuga.Cloud revolutionizes sports tracking and event management with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services. Offering real-time tracking, live coverage, and seamless data integration, they provide greater control, security, and international visibility for athletes, teams, and event organizers. The solutions enhance advertising impact, increase sponsorship revenues, and expand audiences beyond traditional circuits. From cycling to athletics, triathlon to sailing, Helmuga.Cloud caters to diverse sports disciplines, ensuring precise tracking and analysis. Their innovative solutions are tailored for athletes, teams, broadcasters, and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

NMG Productions

NMG Productions is an international Media company situated in The Netherlands. NMG Productions has a passion for sports and has been the official media partner for the UCI Women's WorldTour for many years.

In 2023 NMG started the Pro Cycling Women platform (website, app & social media) to provide live information on races, background stories about teams/riders, interesting articles on lifestyle, medical and much more.