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a dedicated platform for professional women's cycling

Established with the aim of enhancing the fan experience, our platform offers comprehensive coverage of women's cycling events, including live race updates, detailed athlete statistics, insightful analysis, and rich multimedia content.

ProCyclingWomen is driven by a commitment to shine a spotlight on women's cycling, providing a specialized space for fans to engage with their favorite sport. Our objective is to address the need for focused coverage within the realm of women's cycling, fostering a community where enthusiasts can gather for the latest updates and discussions.

Our diverse team brings together expertise from technology, sports journalism, and the cycling world, all sharing a common enthusiasm for cycling and a vision for its future. We are focused on creating an accessible, engaging platform that serves the interests of fans, athletes, and the broader cycling community.

We invite you to be part of our journey as we work to promote and celebrate women's cycling. ProCyclingWomen stands as a hub for those who share a passion for the sport, striving to build an inclusive and informative community for cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

The People behind Procycling women

Our platform is brought to life by a diverse and dedicated team of enthusiasts, each bringing their unique strengths to pave new paths for women’s cycling. Here's a glimpse into the people who make it all happen:
our daily crew

Niels goudriaan

Founder, CEO

Yvonne Goudriaan

Partner, Creative

Felix Mattis

Manager Race content

Jeanine Laudy

Author, Editor

Luc Claessen

Photographer, Author

cor de groot

Cameraman, Driver
our authors

harry ruiterkamp


Valentina Scandolara


ingrid jansen

Author, Medical

Sophie van Bakel

Author, Medical

Alessia Mossali

Author, Medical

Owen Rogers


Neil Cormier

our photographers

Eloise Mavian

Photographer, Tornanti

Francesco Rachello

Photographer, Tornanti

Twila Muzzi

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