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Posted 5 months ago

AG Insurance – Soudal has made a significant leap forward in the 2024 season by advancing to the World Tour, following an outstanding performance throughout the 2023 season. This promotion from the Continental level underscores the team’s impressive achievements, including notable victories and accumulations of points in some of the cycling calendar’s most competitive races.

The elevation to the World Tour signifies a pivotal moment for the team, offering its promising athletes invaluable opportunities to compete against the best in the world. This move is expected to accelerate the development of the team’s roster, which has been strengthened by the strategic additions of Julie Van De Velde, Sarah Gigante, and Kim Le Court. These new members bring a mix of talent, determination, and experience, enhancing the team’s capability to tackle the demanding schedule of the World Tour.

The team’s victorious start to the season at the Santos Tour Down Under served as a testament to their readiness and ambition. This victory not only set a positive tone for the year but also highlighted the team’s growth and the effectiveness of their strategic focus on nurturing young talent.

The team has developed a lot on all levels in recent seasons and this is something remarkable, which underlines how healthy this project is

Sponsors and team management have been vocal in their support and optimism for the team’s journey. Jan Heyvaert of AG Insurance lauded the team’s development, stating, “The team has developed a lot on all levels in recent seasons and this is something remarkable, which underlines how healthy this project is.” Similarly, Luc Thys of Soudal praised the team’s foundation and ambition, “This team is a beautiful one, gets all the basics right, it’s ambitious, continues to grow at a steady pace.” Patrick Lefevere, reflecting on the importance of continuous support, remarked, “We have sponsors who are 100% supporting this project.”

Natascha den Ouden, the team’s general manager, alongside sports directors Servais Knaven and Jolien D’hoore, shared insights into the team’s focus on fostering talent and the crucial role of experienced riders in mentoring the younger athletes. Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, a key figure in the team, shared her perspective on her final season and the importance of remaining open to learning and improvement.

New team members Julie Van de Velde and Sarah Gigante expressed their gratitude for the welcoming and professional atmosphere within the team. Van de Velde described joining the team as feeling like “coming home,” emphasizing the team’s supportive environment. Gigante highlighted the team’s unity and spirit, crediting the “fantastic team effort” for their success in Australia and the positive atmosphere that boosts confidence and belief among the riders.

As AG Insurance – Soudal embarks on this new chapter in the World Tour, their journey is not just about competing at the highest level; it’s about contributing to the growth of women’s cycling, fostering a spirit of teamwork and dedication, and pursuing excellence with a united front. The team’s progression to the World Tour is a milestone that reflects not only their past achievements but also their future potential to make a significant impact in the world of professional cycling.

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