LABEL COLLECTIVE: “Labels are for clothing, not for people.”

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Posted 3 weeks ago

New entrants in the world of cycling apparel are commonplace. Searching through the vast array of cycling clothing in bike boutiques or online shops can leave you dizzy with the dozens of different brands available. Often, the only difference is the logo on the chest. This is precisely where the story begins for a very special new label that emerged this month in Amsterdam. Label, quite literally. The brand is called ‘Label Collective’.

Stay alert, because there’s some very good news for followers of Pro Cycling News at the end of this article…!

Label Collective is founded by seasoned cycling marketing expert Julian Roberts. His experience as being a test pilot for various cycling brands meant making mistakes and learning from them. Collaborating with established brands helped Roberts develop a unique perspective that is central to Label Collective’s ethos: the importance of inclusivity, where personal labels that divide us are no more. This perspective deeply influenced the creation of Label Collective, a brand committed to fostering a community where every cyclist feels valued and connected, reinforcing the belief that: “Labels are for clothing, not for people.”


This philosophy underlines Label Collective’s mission to bring cyclists from diverse backgrounds together, fostering a sense of belonging and collective progress. “Connection captures the essence of being one with the road and others. We meet people on the roads and form friendships,” Roberts explains. “It’s about those moments where time seems to slow down, allowing you to appreciate the small details that make life extraordinary. Every piece in this collection is crafted to foster a deep connection between the rider, their bike, the people we meet, and the journey ahead.”


Label Collective is making its debut with the “Connection Collection”, a line of cycling gear designed to unite riders through shared experiences and advanced performance technology. The Connection Collection is a testament to Label Collective’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cycling apparel through continuous exploration and technological advancement.

The first collection made by Label Collective consists of all basic essentials for every ride, all unisex.

  • Long and short sleeved jersey, both made out of light, breathable and quick-drying fabrics and fitted with three drop pockets and and extra pocket with a zipper.
  • Bibs with soft, comfortable straps.
  • Gillet from stretchable fabric with a two-way-zipper and 3 pockets
  • Base layer from very light, thin and soft material


We all know cycling is one of the coolest sports you can do together, regardless of your background. Riding side by side on the open road, with adventure ahead and the wind in your hair, is one of life’s greatest joys. But apart from the important marketing yackety-yak, which, let’s be honest, Julian Roberts excels at, what truly makes Label Collective a cool new brand?

Label Collective’s collection is designed in Europe, using Italian fabrics sourced from ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible suppliers. The final touch – the labels – are sewn on by a local seamstress in Amsterdam, only a few minutes bike ride from Roberts’ home.

However, the clothing itself is not assembled in Amsterdam. Label Collective is remarkably transparent about this process, making it a key point of their brand. On their website, under values, they state: “We are transparent about our process, manufacturing, and ethics.” Each product in their online shop details the exact materials used and the factory involved in its production. This level of openness is unique; Label Collective has no secrets.


Another cool aspect of Label Collective’s business operations is the way it embraces its embraces social and sustainable responsibility. The company donates 10% of every purchase to charity through a partnership with Active Giving. Additionally, the company commits at least 1% of its annual revenue to charity partners. These contributions support a wide range of causes, from providing food parcels to vulnerable families and helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds access outdoor spaces, to conservation charities that protect our natural world. The road ahead is more fun when everyone gets the chance to join the peloton, isn’t it?

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